Vehicle Remote Starter

Remote car starters are one of our premier specialty services.


When winter rolls around in Mid Mo, getting into a freezing vehicle in the morning becomes a driver’s least favorite thing to do. If you want to make sure that your car is nice and toasty when you step out of the house, then a remote starter from Sound Performance is the best solution. Car starters can work wonders in the winter and summer alike, allowing your car to reach the perfect temperature before you set foot in it. When you turn to our experienced team for car starter installation, you can look forward to comfort no matter what the season.

Car starters are a great addition to any vehicle, they will allow you to start up your car or truck from inside your home, office, or any other location within the device’s range. Not only will this ensure your comfort when you get inside your vehicle, but it will also help you to keep your vehicle’s engine in great shape by warming it up before you drive.

Contact us with your vehicle information and we can give you accurate information on Cost and Options!
Contact us with your vehicle information and we can give you accurate information on Cost and Options!

Many remote car starters also offer a variety of additional benefits, including:

  • Keyless entry
  • Car alarms
  • Car locators
  • Telematic (Phone Control and Monitoring)
  • Automatic Starters for Practically Any Vehicle


Depending on the brand you choose, you may be able to start your vehicle by the touch of a button on your phone, and some remote starters will allow you to start your car from as far as a mile away. When you come to Sound Performance for a remote car starter, we’ll help you to select the right one for your needs and provide you with seamless installation.


The car starter brands that we offer & service include:

  • Audiovox
  • Arctic Start (Firstech)
  • Carlink
  • Compustar (Firstech)
  • Hc3 Flex System
  • iData
  • Mercedes SmartKey Starter
  • NuStart (Firstech)


Expert Remote Starter Installation

You can rest assured that your new remote starter will be installed professionally and perform beautifully. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all labor and parts for your peace of mind, so you can always trust that you’re getting top-notch installation on your remote car starter.

Ready for an Upgrade?

If you’re ready to enjoy more convenience and better control of your vehicle, call Sound Performance to find out more about your options for car starters today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Start:

We have installed several hundreds of Remote Car Starters for our clients, and often they have the same questions and concerns about having a remote start system installed. So let’s go over some of the most common remote car starter and remote starter installation questions, and clear up some common myths and misunderstandings about them. You can also call us at 573-874-9203 with any questions or concerns you have.

Q: Can I have my phone start, stop, lock, unlock and track my vehicle with your remote starters?

A: Yes.  We have two different options. The most popular one is $150 added to the remote starter which includes the first year of service and $40 per year after.


Q: Will having a remote car starter installed void a vehicle’s warranty?

A: In brief – NO.   This is probably the biggest remote car starter question clients have, and the one with the most misunderstanding and misinformation around it. The simple answer is that having a Remote Car Starter will not void your warranty. The Magnuson Act Laws are in place to allow you to have devices like remote starters installed in your vehicle. You should ensure that the quality of equipment you choose, and the quality of installation is such that warranty concerns do not come into play.  The best method is to select a reputable remote start system manufacturer and have it installed by a professional authorized dealer for that product. They (we) have been trained to work with those systems and a quality manufacturer will support both you and the installation dealer (us) in the event there are any concerns or obstacles to overcome. In fact, many dealers will use the same products and often have a specialist like ourselves install remote starters in vehicles at the time of purchase when they were not factory installed in the vehicle to begin with!


Q: What is an “Interface Module”? Why do I need it?

A: Most vehicles manufactured after 2000 require a module or "Interface Module". We will program the module for your specific year, make, model and submodel so the remote car starter will be able to communicate with all of the vehicles computers through the module. This insures the integrity of the electrical and computing system is kept and the it will function exactly how it was designed and intended. The vehicle actually knows what is happening through the remote start process.

Q: What if my friend says they can install my Remote Starter ?

A: Vehicle electronics systems and wiring have become a lot more complex in the last few years. Installing a remote starter today involves programming modules to the specific software and features of your vehicle, and wiring them into various systems in your vehicle. Our clients have found that when trusting their vehicle to someone, choosing a trained, experienced technician who is up to date on vehicle systems, installation methods, has full access to factory level vehicle wiring information as well as direct access to the manufacturers for any technical support is best. Why would you want to trust the 2nd most expensive purchase most of us make – our vehicles – to anyone else.  The added benefit of choosing a facility like ours is that should your remote start system not work, you simply return to us and have it fixed, no waiting for your friend (or their friend) to have time to check it out. Or if something is damaged during the process or damaged after the installation due to improper wiring  you will not have any real recourse .


Q: Can you install a Remote Starter in a car with a Push-To-Start or PTS Button?

A: Yes, our Remote Car Starter systems work with vehicles that have Push-To-Start or PTS buttons.


Q: Can you install a Remote Starter in diesel trucks or cars?

A: Yes, our Remote Car Starter systems have specially designed circuits to allow for your glow plugs to warm before starting, and even have Turbo Cool Down modes to allow you to exit the vehicle and leave the engine running while your Turbo cools down.


Q: Can somebody steal my car while it is running with the Remote Starter?

A: No, while the remote start system is running your steering wheel lock, transmission lock and key transponder system (if equipped) all remain active. If a valid key is not inserted into your vehicle's ignition and turned to on or run position, the remote start system will shut the engine down as soon as the brake pedal is touched.  Your vehicle will also remain locked while it is remote started (provided you locked it when you exited the vehicle).


Q: How long does it take to have a Remote Car Starter installed?

A: Typically we ask that you drop your vehicle off in the morning and we will have it ready for you by the end of the business day. We take a bit more time for our Lifetime Warranty Installation because we create military solder connections on all wire junctions so you will never have problems with bad connections for the life of your vehicle. We also take the time to route all wiring neatly so our installs look like factory installed electronics. Some vehicles require less time, some require more.


Q: What should I bring with me on the day my Remote Starter is being installed?

A: We ask that you bring all of the keys you have for your vehicle and any remotes you have for the vehicle. Many Interface Modules for newer cars require both keys at the time of installation for programming. Other than that, just bring your excitement – no more cold car mornings!


Q: I have a remote starter I bought elsewhere or received as a gift, will you install it?

A: Due to the complex nature of remote start systems, and the complexity of diagnosing any issues that may arise, we do install systems that are not purchased from us but it will typically take considerably longer and the lifetime warranty that we normally have on our systems and the installation of your item will not apply. We will warranty our installation, but if there is a problem with your equipment any service that we have to provide because of the failure of the item will be charged at the standard rate to remove and replace it will not cover. We recommend that you do not take that risk but we will install them under the understanding of the pros and cons of doing so.


Q: Can I have a Remote Car Starter installed if I have a factory Car Alarm or Security System?

A: Yes, our remote starter systems and Interface Modules can be integrated to work with factory installed security systems or car alarms.


Q: My vehicle came with a Factory Remote Starter, but the range is poor, can you extend it?

A: In some cases yes, but we almost always recommend an aftermarket product that has multiple extended range options.