In Car Smartphone Integration

IPhone, Android, HTC, Galaxy………

Almost every business professional, college/high school student and those in the same household has one, if not more, smartphone. If you have one you know how important it is to your work, social and family life. With the shear amount of cars on the road on Interstate 70, Highway 63 and 54 each and every morning, night and weekend some level of smartphone integration is almost a necessity.

Safety, convenience and upgraded usability are key reasons to invest in this integration. From the minimal direct charging cable and phone mount/holder to video-audio integration to your original car radio. Or even a upgraded radio with many built in convenience features directed towards your smartphone’s apps and personal music and video content.

O yeah, don’t forget about being able to start, stop, lock and unlock your vehicle along with tracking it real-time with your phone too!

We have a lot to offer you so please stop in or give us a call so we can give you more details on your specific vehicle!